Kotak Pencarian

Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

Loremaster Reputation

Bot Name: M1.dmbot (Mission 1)
Attack: Zardman Grunt on /forest

Bot Name: M2_M5.dmbot (Mission 2 and 5)
Attack: Skeletal Soldier and Ice Mage on /swordhavenundead

Bot Name: M3_M4.dmbot (Mission 3 and 4)
Attack: Skeletal Viking and Warrior on /castleundead

Bot Name: M6.dmbot (Mission 6)
Attack: Horc Warrior on /orctown

Bot Name: B1[M].dmbot (Boss 1 (Member))
Attack: Boss Zardman on /forest

Bot Name: B2[M].dmbot (Boss 2 (Member))
Attack: Big Jack Sprat on /graveyard

Bot Name: B3[M].dmbot (Boss 3 (Member))
Attack: General Porkon on /orctown

  • All Class has been supported, but without combo
  • All Bot has been Private Room