Kotak Pencarian

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

Mirror Realm Token 3

Events : 2nd Lords of Chaos : Survive RedDeath Swamp!

Info Bot :
This bot is Public Rooms, if there is lag you can join on Private Rooms

Mirror Realm Token 3 :
MRToken_v3_Necro.dmbot (Necro only)
MRToken_v3_Ninja.dmbot (Ninja only)

Version with quest (Bardolph's Quest) :

Quest Name : Being Solid is Cool
BSiC_Necro.dmbot (Necro only)
BSiC_Ninja.dmbot (Ninja only)

Quest Name : Spider Bites Are Not Cool
SBAnC_Necro.dmbot (Necro only)
SBAnC_Ninja.dmbot (Ninja only)

Quest are combined (Being Solid-Spider Bites)
BS-SB_Necro.dmbot (Necro only)
BS-SB_Ninja.dmbot (Ninja Only)